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Nestled in the urban setting of Vancouver, Canada dwells The Slide Farm housing almost half a million original colour transparencies representing more than a quarter century of stock photography by Al Harvey. From this vast collection of photography about 26,000 images have been selected and scanned in preview resolution for your viewing. After using the search tools available and selecting what you require from our large library of online stock photography we will scan the transparency to your specified needs ASAP.


Unlike most stock photography agencies, the photographs here were all taken by one photographer. You are encouraged to have Al do your search for you --- email him at or phone him at 604-738-7878 and give him your parameters, your specifics, your ideal shot. If he has the shot you want in stock you can receive it immediately in your specified size and resolution.

The strength of The Slide Farm is landscapes and lifestyles of the Canadian west, as a Vancouver photographer. The subject matter is strongest at the local level as the hefty Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada folders are subdivided into dozens of sub-folders pertaining to geography or other specific subjects.


Perhaps your photography need is for something in the United States or other international locales. Open these folders to do some armchair traveling around the world. Foreign destinations are frequently photographed and added to the silos at the Farm. Geographical themes are especially strong --- physical, cultural, economic --- as well as the many varied facets of lifestyle.

Photographer Al Harvey is both a photographer and a geographer. You will find a lot of outdoor adventure pictured here as photography complements his personal interest in exploring landscapes and waterways intimately.


The Slide Farm vision is to continue photographing the planet indefinitely and to present professional stock photographs online to a global market. The dominant themes will continue to be all aspects of geography plus outdoor adventure, local economies, how people live, play, and work --- in essence, landscapes and lifestyles illustrating what makes the world resplendent in visual interest. 

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